DrylinePro - Plasterboard Wall Fixings & Anchors

DrylinePro allows you to fix items to dry lined (dot and dab or plasterboard lined) walls  quickly, easily, securely .  
Watch our video to see how easy it is!

DrylinePro is the easy to use dot and dab Plasterboard Wall Fixings for LCD and Plasma TVs, shelves, curtain rails, mirrors or radiators. Ideal if you have a new house, office or extension lined in plasterboard.

Fix items to dry lined walls quickly, easily, securely.

Plasterboard lined walls (Dryline walls) are now common in many modern buildings. They are a quick and easy alternative to conventional plastering, but until now, attaching anything to them was a real problem.

"The fixings are really easy to use. Try them! They will save you a lot of time and trouble. Order now. We normally ship the same day as you order. Please call us if you have any questions or comments."

Existing plasterboard wall fixings are either not strong enough in these walls, or damage the plasterboard. DrylinePro is designed to totally solve this problem. Drylined walls will generally sound "hollow" when you tap them. At certain points they will sound dead. This is a point where the builder has used some adhesive cement to stick the plasterboard to the wall. These walls are a challenge for conventional fixings, as there is an awkward, irregular gap between the plaster and the wall.




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DryLine Pro In Action

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