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Fix items to dry lined walls quickly, easily and securely with DrylinePro.

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Tested at over 100kg

DrylinePro - Plasterboard Wall Fixings

DrylinePro™ allows you to fix items to dry lined (dot and dab or plasterboard lined) walls quickly, easily and securely.

DrylinePro™ is the easy to use dot and dab plasterboard wall fixing for LCD and Plasma TVs, shelves, curtain rails, mirrors or radiators.  Ideal if you have a new house, office or extension lined in plasterboard.

Plasterboard lined walls (Dry line walls) are now common in many modern buildings.  They are a quick and easy alternative to conventional plastering, but until now, attaching anything to them was a real problem.

Existing plasterboard wall fixings are either not strong enough in these walls, or damage the plasterboard. DrylinePro™ is designed to totally solve this problem.  Dry lined walls will generally sound “hollow” when you tap them.  At certain points they will sound dead.  This is a point where the builder has used some adhesive cement to stick the plasterboard to the wall.  These walls are a challenge for conventional fixings, as there is an awkward, irregular gap between the plaster and the wall.

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