DrylinePro for Wall Mounting TVs

So, you have spent a lot of money on your lovely new TV, all ready for the Olympic Games, and you really do NOT want it falling off the wall!

If you have a dry lined wall ( also called a “dot and dab wall”),  this would have been a problem until recently.  Now you can use the DrylinePro™ fixings. They have a typical pull out load of 100kg in a Dryline wall (see the “testing” section of this website for details)

A TV bracket that is going flat to the wall is very easy to fix, and four DrylinePro™ fixings should do the job with lots of strength to spare.

We do not recommend that you attempt to fix a cantilever type (“swinging arm” type)  of TV bracket to a dry lined wall,  as the wall itself may have insufficient strength to support it.  If however, you insist on trying it, here are a few tips:-

  1. Your cantilever bracket should have as large a base plate as possible to resist the very powerful bending moment on the bracket and to spread the load on the wall.
  2. Use as many fixings as you can, to spread the load.
  3. Decide on a safety margin that you are comfortable with, and test the cantilever bracket, fixings and wall before fixing the TV to it.

An easy way to test your cantilever bracket with readily available equipment (bathroom scales ) is to stand on the scales and pull down on the bracket. 

Example : You weigh 80kg, and your TV weigh’s 15kg, and you decide that you want a 2x safety factor ( ie. you want to test to 30kg)

  1. Put the scales on the floor right under the bracket and stand on them (they read 80kg )
  2. Pull down on the TV  bracket where the TV will attach. Look at the scales, and pull down until they read 50kg ( a 30kg reduction from your 80kg weight)

Products Available

100 Fixing Bulk Pack
£42.00 Ex VAT: £35.00
10 Screw Pack
£2.40 Ex VAT: £2.00
50 Fixing Trade Kit
£29.94 Ex VAT: £24.95
8 Fixing Kit
£9.95 Ex VAT: £8.29

Some Recent Reviews

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I just wanted to tell you that I used the Dryline Pro kit at the weekend to fix the venetian blind. What a marvellous product, a great invention, worked like a dream, just like in the demo videos, no fuss -no swearing! just straightforward first time success. The inclusion of the two drill bits was... Read More


The Dryline pro plugs duly arrived yesterday morning and I was able to put up the curtain battens and brackets in Bristol. The system worked extremely well. The metal-type drill went through the plasterboard, the much harder 'dab on cement' and the thermalite block very easily. I didn't try the... Read More


I used the fixings as supplied and where previous fixings from B & Q failed these were brilliant-thanks it made what was turning into a nightmare a perfect job. Well done.


Thanks for getting the DLP's to me so quickly. Following our telephone conversation, here is what I think of your product: Brilliant! They were a pleasure to use, the drill bits supplied were decent quality and the fittings themselves work perfectly. The cup washers are a really nice touch as well.... Read More


Just a quick mail to thank you for the sample pack and to congratulate you on such a useful and usable product. The applications really are endless and, as I suspect all modern homes and offices will now be dot and dabbed, the need for this product (and its' variations) will continue to grow. I was... Read More


Just a quick email to let you know how pleased I am with your fixings.At last a reliable and easy to use fixing solution for dry lined walls.I have used them on my new build house with great success,fitting plasma brackets,large mirrors and curtain tracks and boards for swags and tails curtains all... Read More


Just received dlp fixing kit. At last, something that works. After living in my house for 12 years and trying all the available plastic and metal fixings from diy stores with nothing but frustrating problems, these dlp fixings are so easy to use and do the job. Thanks for a great product.


Great product...it did exactly what it said on the box. All my other fixings are in the waste bin.


Would just like to thank you for your product.....having dry lined walls can be a nightmare attaching anything to the wall but the Dryline Pro fixings are a dream come true.....reaffixed a small television bracket to the bedroom wall and it's solid as a rock.


I heard you on Malcolm Boyden's BBC Radio Oxford Breakfast Show several months ago and had the foresight to make a note of your company. Last week I needed to put up a shelf to take a TV and ordered Dryline Pro from you. Delivery was next day and I have to tell you that the product itself is a DIY... Read More


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